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If you love to do something, you do these things better.

    When a product is made by hand people take more care and the quality will usually be more elevated. There's something to be said for that human touch to insure the product is meeting those standards, and we believe this attitude is reflected in the quality of our jam, jelly and banana breads.

   Artisians are considered authentic craftsmen who use all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, conditioners, or additives, and take great care and time in processing quality breads, cheeses, wines, jams, jellies, or any other product.

   For me and I think a lot of our members, an artisian is one that is mindful of the ingredients, mindful of the process, and mindful of the integrity nessasary to produce a very high quality product.

    I have been passionate about food all of my life starting out as a young boy learning from both of my Grandmother's vast knowledge of hands on experience passed down from one generation to another.

  Our Jam and Jelly is still made the same way that my Grandmothers did so many years ago. Washing and cutting the fruits by hand, standing over a small steel pot with a spoon stirring the hot syrupy jam by hand , then adding the finishing jam or jelly to each jar one at a time.

    We take the same care with our sweet breads and our pies, hand rolling one pie crust at a time with a actual wooden rolling pin using dough made from the same age old recipes my Grandmothers used. Then from hand cut locally sourced fruits we mix up the fruit filling using pure cane sugar and aromatic and flavorful spices. Our sweet breads are all hand made every morning, then baked up so that we can serve them to our guest that day.

   Now we can't just talk about our baked goods, we do need to brag about our fried chicken dinners of which we have won reconition for, county wide a couple of years running now. Our chicken is breaded with our own recipe breading and deep fried to a tasty golden brown, delighting our guest all the time. Still our best selling dinner, we are proud of our chicken dinners, but don't take our word for it, come in and decide for yourself.

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