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Two Jars of Homemade Carrot Cake jam handmade jelly fruit spread fruit preserves

Two Jars of Homemade Carrot Cake jam handmade jelly fruit spread fruit preserves
My Carrot Cake Jam is my newest jam and it is amazing. If you were to close your eyes while you were eating this jam you would think you were enjoying a delicious sweet slice of Carrot Cake. This fruit preserve even smells like fresh baked Carrot Cake. Made with succulent hand cut pears, Pineapple, Raisins, and of course Carrots. If you love Carrot Cake like I do you will fall for my Carrot Cake fruit spread. You will enjoy this jelly right to the last spoonful, I guarantee it. My half pint jars are packed full of delicious locally sourced fruit.

You will be pleasantly pleased that my Half Pint size Jams are still handmade just like old times. Still made one small batch at a time, and I think you will notice the difference in taste and texture. There is no comparing my jams to "store bought jams" that use corn syrup and artificial flavorings and colorings to make their preserves.

If you are looking for that jam or jelly just like what your Mom or Grandmother made, look no further. I make it just like my Grandmother's did so many years ago without changing a thing. You will be able to see the delicious bits of fruit as you spread our jam on your favorite type of bread, and you will taste the difference when you take each bite.

Order your jam today you will be pleased with the quality and flavor of Beckeys Kountry Kitchen jams and jellies. Made in the small Rustic Village of Blissfield Michigan, ( a place where people can still believe in old time values and quality).